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Are you a curvy or plus-size woman looking for the right exercises to lose weight and feel sexier? Get the best exercise videos and timely reminders you need to lose weight, get in shape, and go from fat to fly with the Fat2Fly exercise program for women.

How It Works

What makes Fat2Fly different from other exercise and fitness programs?

  • Fat2Fly is your virtual personal trainer! We use powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to search the Web for the best exercise videos for women with curves like you, and then tailor recommendations just for you. Give a "thumbs up" rating to the videos you like the most, and we'll send you similar ones you'll like too.

  • We've carefully chosen over 1,000 of the best exercise videos by top fitness experts, popular celebrity trainers, and even celebrities who have made it from fat to fly successfully - such as trainer Lita Lewis, trainer Lyzabeth Lopez, trainer Lucy Li, trainer Jeanette Jenkins, trainer Jillian Michaels, Bowflex's Tom Holland, singer Jennifer "JLo" Lopez, model Vicky Justiz, model Iskra Lawrence, and many others. We only recommend videos that are easy to follow, show you exactly what to do, and guide you through each exercise the right way. Fat2Fly saves you precious time and eliminates the guessing games, so you can maximize your results!

  • With friendly text message reminders on your mobile phone, you'll never forget to exercise. Success comes to those who consistently work towards it!

  • Get daily motivational quotes and inspiring pep talks to keep you going on those lazy days. It may take a few weeks or months to start seeing great results, so let us help keep you motivated as your virtual coach.

  • Fat2Fly varies your fitness routines to make exercising fun and help you lose weight, successfully, in all the right places. You'll look forward to each new video that we post on your personal Fat2Fly page twice a day, and each video expires in 12 hours to keep you coming back for more.

  • There's no complicated app or software to download, install, and learn. We'll send you text messages - or emails, if you prefer - with a link to your personal Fat2Fly page containing new exercise videos every day, so you can get started quickly and easily without worrying about technology slowing you down. What are you waiting for? Let's go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question or want more info? Open the panels below for answers to our most frequently asked questions, or you may simply contact us.
How do I know if I'm overweight and need to lose fat?

Did you know that the number of obese adults in America is approaching 100,000,000 people?! That's right, obesity is an epidemic affecting almost a hundred million adults in the United States alone, according to the CDC.

Use the calculator below to check your BMI (Body Mass Index), which is a number calculated from your weight and height to provide a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people. Are you in the healthy range?

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What does the word "Fly" mean in Fat2Fly?

To be FLY is to be stylish, fashionable, and confident because you look and feel great. The goal of Fat2Fly is to help you go from fat to fly, according to whatever those words mean to you.

How many exercise videos do you show in the Fat2Fly program?

We've carefully chosen over 1,000 of the best exercise videos by fitness experts, and we're adding new videos every day. We only choose videos that are easy to follow, show you exactly what to do, and guide you through each exercise the right way. Fat2Fly saves you precious time and eliminates the guessing games, so you can maximize your results!

I don't have any exercise equipment at home. Will I need to buy some?

No, that's okay because you don't need any exercise equipment to work out at home with Fat2Fly. You just need an Internet-connected device (computer, laptop, smartphone, or smart TV) to view your personal page and exercise videos.

How do I invite my friends on Facebook to join me? I want to exercise with my friends to make workouts more fun.

Create a private Facebook event on your computer, and invite your friends to a workout session at your home -- or online by sharing a link to your personal Fat2Fly page.

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. From your News Feed, click Events in the left menu.
  3. Click + Create New Event on the left side.
  4. Click Private Event, then click Next. Only invited guests will see your event.
  5. Fill in the event name (e.g., "Fat2Fly Workout at My House"), location, date, time and description.
  6. Click Create. You'll be taken to your event where you can invite guests and friends.

Learn more about creating and managing Facebook events.

Why do women typically exercise? What are the most common reasons?

Here are 20 amazing reasons why most women want to exercise and lose weight. Choose your top 5 reasons, and use them to motivate you to get started today:

  1. ❝I want to exercise in order to feel sexier and more attractive.❞
  2. ❝I want to regain my confidence and self-esteem with a slimmer, sexier body.❞
  3. ❝I wish I could wear the sexy clothes, skinny jeans, or swimsuit that I like.❞
  4. ❝I want to look and feel great naked, in the mirror, and in pictures.❞
  5. ❝I want to have more energy, stamina, and fun in bed.❞
  6. ❝I have difficulty reaching my goal weight - and gain weight - when I don't exercise.❞
  7. ❝I want to get in shape and be healthier.❞
  8. ❝I miss getting compliments on how great I look.❞
  9. ❝I want to prove to my husband and myself that I can lose the stubborn weight and regain the fabulous shape I used to have.❞
  10. ❝I need to tighten up my troublesome thighs and booty because I hate the look of cellulite.❞
  11. ❝I want to get rid of my fat roll and feel like a million bucks again.❞
  12. My doctor told me to exercise more because it's good for my health.❞
  13. ❝I want to be healthier, sleep better, and have more energy to keep up with my friends and my kids.❞
  14. ❝I'm getting married and want to lose some extra pounds before my wedding day and honeymoon. I want to look my best in the wedding photos.❞
  15. ❝We're planning to have a baby, and I want to lose some weight before getting pregnant.❞
  16. ❝I can't cross my legs the way I used to, and it's uncomfortable.❞
  17. ❝I wish I could eat what I want without feeling as guilty or self-conscious.❞
  18. ❝I like working out with my friends. I have a busy schedule, and my exercise time is the only time I get for myself.❞
  19. ❝I'm less moody after exercise because I enjoy being active, and it makes me feel good.❞
  20. ❝I'm bored, and exercise is more fun than watching other people's lives on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!❞

I've tried exercising and dieting before. Why haven't I lost fat in the right areas?

Watch this candid video to learn 5 common mistakes that many women make when trying to lose weight:

How do I watch the exercise video on my TV?

If your TV is connected to the Internet - such as a smart TV - then you probably have the ability to view webpages on your TV already, just like you view webpages on your computer or smartphone. Simply type in the address (URL) of your Fat2Fly personal page - e.g., http://www.fat2fly.com/user/1179 - and wait for the page to load and your exercise video to start.

I like receiving the text messages on my mobile phone, but not the emails. How do I stop getting emails from Fat2Fly?

To stop receiving email from Fat2Fly, click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the last email you received.

Does everyone receive the same exercise videos at the same time?

No way. We all have different bodies and different preferences, so Fat2Fly tailors exercise video recommendations just for you and others like you. Tell us which videos you like, and we'll send you similar videos you'll like too.

Feel free to do some of your workouts with friends, if you want to, but your friends will also get different exercises to do when they join Fat2Fly.

May I recommend a new video to Fat2Fly?

Yes, absolutely. Do you have a great exercise video that you created or found on the Internet? Do you think other women like you might like it too? Use the contact form to send us the video's link (or you may email us at service@fat2fly.com), and we'll check it out. If it's one of the best fitness videos we've seen for curvy women, we just may add it to our list.

Can men use Fat2Fly too?

Noooo, no men allowed!... Just kidding! Sure, men may join Fat2Fly too; however, the exercises recommended here are geared towards curvy women with certain fitness needs, which are different from those of most men.

Can I see an example of a video that's featured in the Fat2Fly exercise program?

Here's a "fly" beginner's video from EmpowerYourBody - featuring the original flygirl, JLo - that you can expect to see recommended on your Fat2Fly page during your first month:

Is it safe to order online, and will my order be secure?

Yes, absolutely! All payments are processed using PayPal's secure and trusted platform for online orders, and you can simply pay with your credit or debit card even if you don't have an account. When you place your order via PayPal, your information is 100% safe.

Get started using Fat2Fly today, and you can then spend the next 30-60 days putting it to the test, from the comfort of your home.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I use a credit card to pay?

Yes, PayPal allows you to pay with your credit or debit card; however, you may still be required to create a PayPal account in order to manage your subscription and payments.

Only $29.99 for Lifetime Access!
Click below to submit your one-time payment securely using PayPal (no account required).

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